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Some notes on survey dates:

The CKLG survey began appearing as a regular weekly feature in the Vancouver Times beginning October 26, 1964, and continued until the Times ceased publication in mid-1965. Surveys were also distributed to retail record outlets during much of this same period, and although it is not known precisely when the first distributed copies were issued, it is believed they date back to mid-August 1964. But this is not known for sure. One rare survey, in typewritten and mimeographed form, dated September 25, has surfaced and is posted here.

Numerous dating inconsistencies occur on the surveys printed in the Times during the latter part of 1964. Some surveys display " week of " dates; others contain "week ending" dates; and some were simply incorrectly dated when, in the typesetting process, someone likely neglected to change the date, leaving two consecutive weeks' surveys identically dated. Additionally, store-distributed surveys for a given week did not always display the same date as their counterparts in the Times, as the latter sometimes dated the survey according to the issue date of the newspaper rather than the CKLG's actual release date.

Because of the potential confusion created by these dating errors, the surveys included on this site have, for the most part, been dated according to the actual week for which each was intended to be in effect. The "Notes" section at the bottom of each survey indicates how the originals of each survey were actually dated in instances where an inconsistency occurred.

It is believed that more of the early mimeographed surveys for August and September, like the September 25 issue mentioned above, may exist, and we would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have any of these.

October 26, 1964 survey, first to be printed in the Vancouver Times.

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