The CKWX "Unpublished" Charts
and the
Red Robinson "Teen Canteen" Top Ten Charts

The two charts will appear side by side for the weeks when both were available. Some charts from both series are missing.
Unpublished charts indicated by italics.     (rr) indicates Red Robinson chart only for that week.

*Asterisk beside date indicates accompanying news article or other feature.
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More in 1958
About CKWX's
"UN-published" Charts!
By the 1950s radio's golden age had passed into history.  Although the network dramas and variety shows were gone, stations like CKWX were still airing local programming such as Neighbour Nina, a popular homemaker's show co-hosted by Nina Anthony and Cal George; the Rhythm Pals, a daily live music program; and Norm Griffin's Farm Fare.

The dominant staple of radio programming however, was becoming hit music, and this popularity was accelerated by the ever increasing use of car radios and soon, transistor radios. Furthermore Rock and Roll had been making inroads for over two years, and WX was playing it.

But CKWX was not a "Top Forty" station yet, even though they were devoting more time to current hit music, airing it mostly on the morning programs of Bill Davis, and in the late afternoon and early evening with Bob McGavin.  Even before Red Robinson's arrival on April 1, the station had already adopted a weekly Top 50 chart.  These "Station" charts, which is what we're calling them here, were essentially just playlists. They were not distributed to the public but were used in-house and copies were posted in the broadcasting booth for the benefit of the DJs who referred to these charts on-air and a weekly countdown was aired.  Each chart even lists a weekly “pick hit” plus an “album pick” and these were likely weekly prize giveaways.

Red Robinson himself did not oversee the weekly countdown of these "station" charts (I'm guessing it was Bob McGavin). For you see, Red had his own chart which you can read about in the column to the right.

Amazingly, these unpublished charts have survived, at least most of them.  They came to us from the collection of Alex Galbraith as barely readable photocopies and we present them here in retyped form. They begin in January of 1957 and run into the summer of 1958 when CKWX began printing and distributing its charts to the public eventually under the name "The Sensational Sixty".

About Red Robinson's
"Teen Canteen" Charts!
Red Robinson came to CKWX in April 1957, having been lured from rival CJOR.  His program  was the "Teen Canteen" show, the largest teen show in Canada.  Membership in his Teen Canteen club, extended from all over western Canada and the U.S.A., and would eventually grow to 52,000.  Membership cards were good for discounts at various retailers.  The club also had teen representatives from every high school in Greater Vancouver who met with Red once a month after school in the coffee shop at CKWX and sometimes visiting rock and roll stars including Buddy Knox and Bob Luman came down to meet the teens.

Red didn't use the "station" charts that CKWX had started only a few months earlier, (see left column). Rather he organized his own chart, which initially was a Top Thirty plus ten, but by Sept. '57, due to so many new records being released, he had to expand it to a Top 50.

The Teen Canteen charts were compiled over the phone by two girls who came in and took votes for two hours (Teletune) every afternoon, and that was how the chart was compiled.

While there would have been an office copy for Red’s on-air use, these charts were never printed for public distribution and they would be lost to radio history if not for the fact that the Top Ten songs from many of these charts were printed weekly in the entertainment pages of the Vancouver Sun.

While we cannot present here the Teen Canteen charts in their entirety of 30 to 50 songs, we can present, thanks to the Vancouver Sun,  most of the weekly top ten songs beginning in late July of 1957 and running through to mid-January 1959. They are presented here along side the “Station” charts allowing you to compare them week by week.  (The first one begins July 28 (although there were probably earlier ones). In addition some of Red's weekly columns that appeared on the same page in the Sun have been included as well which will give you further insights into the musical trends of the day.  Enjoy.

I M A G E    A N D   A U D I O    G A L L E R Y

Hear the CKWX
Red Robinson
broadcast of
Sept. 16, 1957

(46 min. 29 sec.)

Thanks to Dale Patterson of the
Rock Radio Scrapbook

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players, click on text links)

 Teen Canteen Promos
(Courtesy of redrobinson.com)

Radio With Power

(from Red Robinson broadcast of Sept. 16, 1957)

Bill Davis plugs his Morning Show
(from Red Robinson broadcast of Sept. 16, 1957)

'WX Has It All

Hello World

Big Sound with the Modern Style

Big Beat

CKWX Waltz Vocal

CKWX Waltz Instrumental

Traffic Report

Sports!! Let's Listen to:



Except where noted jingles are courtesy
of Jamie Anstey collection.

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players, click on text links.

CKWX at the PNE
Left: Ad from 1956.   Right: Photo from 1957 w/Red Robinson on the far right of platform

Red Robinson hosted this show at the Georgia Auditorium
Oct. 23, 1957.
  Courtesy RedRobinson.com

Soundcloud audio from Red Robinson's Legends
Click on arrow in orange circle to listen within this page
Much more on this event at RadioWest.ca. Click on the logo.

E x t r a s ! !

A Mid-Fifties

"Juicy Fruit Frame"

A painting by
Bruce Stewart

Click on the image
for the story and a
larger view

"The Disc Jockey's Theme Song"
by Steve Allen

produced in 1957 it never charted.
Included here for your amusement

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