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The Bells Are Ringing

All Sound Better
Listen to the Happy Sound

1-1-3-0 Vancouver

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More Promos!!

(8 min 28 sec.)
CKWX used these "generic" promos recorded by a multitude of
pop stars, including Jan & Dean, Frank Sinatra, Marty Robbins
Annette, Fabian, Nat King Cole and many others.
At the end of each intro the station would simply insert a short
jingle giving the station ID.

Jamie Anstey collection

Buddy Clyde Joins CKWX

Buddy Clyde (real name Clyde Hatton) was a native of San Francisco and had been a Top 40 disc jockey at KOBY in the Bay area during the fifties. When that station changed its format from Top 40 to Middle-of-Road music, he received an offer from Vancouver's CKWX that he couldn't refuse. He came to Vancouver in 1960 joining the station in April, first taking over the morning slot vacated by Jim Robson. Later he moved to the late afternoon slot popular with the teens and later still he took over the evening spot from 5:30 to 10:00. One of his trademarks during his time here was a squeeze horn mounted to his broadcast desk which he honked frequently over the air during his show. Among other things he introduced the New Sound Sweepstakes (better known to some as Battle of the New Sounds when it was later revived by Red at C-FUN.) Buddy was popular with the teen listeners and, along with Del Erickson, and Red Robinson, who returned to WX in 1961, the three made up a formidable lineup of youthful DJ talent for the station. Buddy always signed his autographs "Your Buddy Clyde." Eventually Buddy became the host of CHAN-TV's popular Dance Party show for teens, a kind of local version of American Bandstand. When CKWX changed its format to middle-of-road music this time Buddy stayed with the station, at least for a few more years. Later in the sixties Buddy returned to his roots in San Francisco. Today he is more commonly known as Buddy Hatton, and for many years he ran his own film company Buddy Hatton Productions, producing travel films.


Pop Stars promote the Buddy Clyde Show
Audio from Jamie Anstey collection
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Della Reese

Johnny Mathis

Tommy Sands

For More Buddy Clyde Memorabilia

Dairy Queen Date - An Image by Bruce
Vancouver Images

Dairy Queen at
Fraser & 47th Ave.

Painting by
Bruce Stewart

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the full story and
a larger view

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