Special thanks first of all to Al Rose of North Vancouver, an avid collector, who took the time to photocopy his entire collection of CKWX and C-FUN surveys for me. Although there were some gaps, Mr. Rose's collection is by far the single biggest source for the surveys posted on these pages.

Thanks also to to James Anstey at Neptoon Records for playing the pivotal role of putting me in touch with Mr. Rose, without which this website would not be here.

Thank-you to Alex Galbraith, Larry Morton, Brian Tarling, Bruce Stewart, Roy Kendall, Owen Coppin, Steve Geisler, and Iceman for their contributions, which have helped make this a far better site than was originally planned.

Special thanks to Bruce Stewart for providing his superb paintings and striking digital images which have changed the direction this site has taken during its development.

A pat on the back to myself for the long hours and several days I spent at the Vancouver Public Library browsing the Vancouver Province newspaper archives on microfilm for the C-FUN surveys which the paper began printing in 1962. This enabled me to fill the gaps in Mr. Rose's collection and allowed me to complete the entire run of CFUN surveys from 1960 to 1967.

Many thanks to the following individuals: Gord Lansdell of the Vancouver Broadcasters site; Brian Walks of the Vancouver Radio Museum site, Jack Bennest of the BC Radio History site; Ted Wendland of the RadioWest site; and to Red Robinson. All have been very supportive of this project in my email conversations with them.

Many of the graphics and audio clips on this site have come from elsewhere on the web. I have attempted to properly credit all my sources,and have received permission, (or are in the process of trying to get permission) to use these items. but if you see something of yours that hasn't been properly acknowledged or something you object to me using please contact me.

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