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British Columbia Radio History - created by Jack Bennest. Featuring a vast collection of pictures, articles, links, and other online memorabilia concerning radio history in our province.

C VUE - Worldwide radio from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Classic Cool!
Retro Cool!  Listen online.  Operated by the Sunshine Coast Radio Society, a non-profit organization. ***Hear Dave McCormick's Discumentaries Mondays 6pm Pacific Time (Repeated Thursdays at 4pm).***

History of Canadian Broadcasting - comprehensive timeline of Canada's broadcasting history, with capsulized histories of nearly every radio and tv station across the country.

History of Metropolitan Vancouver - created by Chuck Davis. This comprehensive site by Vancouver's eminent historian features year-by-year chronologies, articles, quizes, photo archives, and much more.

Les Vogt - Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer - devoted to the career of one of Vancouver's first local rock and roll stars.  For a time he was king in this little corner of the world.  Known for his 1960 hit "The Blamers" which you can listen to here along with his other hits.

Puget Sound Radio - featuring news and information, past and present,  from throughout the Pacific Northwest. - formerly Puget Sound Media.  Broadcast history and current affairs with emphasis on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.  Check out those KJR and KOL jingles. - by Ted Wendland. Featuring regional news concerning radio stations in western Canada and U.S., especially the Pacific Northwest. Site includes airchecks, jingles, surveys, promos and a discussion forum.

Red Robinson's Legends - Vancouver's own broadcasting legend, Red Robinson, sadly, passed away April 1, 2023.  Visit his web page where you'll find a wealth of happy memories.  There are five links that will take you either to Red's pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Spotify.  The last of these takes you to the archive of Red's many blogs and podcasts posted on his site over the years.

Rappin' With Red:  Red Robinson Interview - This January 1972 interview by Rick McGrath and Mike Quigley ties in nicely with the subject matter of this web site. Originally published in The Grape, Volumes 2, 3 and 4, 1972.

Transit Museum Society - This one's not about radio or broadcasting.  Transit however, is also a part of Greater Vancouver's history.  View a huge gallery of historical photos depicting streetcars, interurbans and vintage buses, along with an events calendar that includes upcoming fan trips and excursions.

Vancouver Broadcasters - by Gord Lansdell. Alphabetically listed mini-bios of the radio and television broadcasters, past and present, who have performed *on air* in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Gord also operates two companion sites.  First, there's Northwest Broadcasters which has a comprehensive listing of every radio and television station in the Pacific Northwest along with recent news of events in the broadcast industry.   Second, there's Okanagan Broadcasters listing broadcasters, along with news and history, of that sunny region of our province.

Vancouver's Charted Songs - by Brian Tarling whose well-researched book presents the compiled data from the different chart-series produced in Vancouver between Sept. 1956 and Dec. 1978. The book lists 7,800 hits by almost 2400 artists.

Vancouver Radio Museum -  Brian Walks is currently rebuilding his site and hopefully it will re-emerge in the near future with a new web address.  In the meantime you can enjoy the old site at the Wayback Machine archive.  Brian's site is dedicated to the history of radio and television in Greater Vancouver.  Contains historical timelines, and individual galleries of photos devoted to the past of our city's radio stations.

Vancouver Signature Sounds - Ray McGinnis launched this website after spending years researching the performances of individual charted songs on Vancouver AM radio stations and comparing them with their chart performances on USA's Billboard Hot 100.  Special attention is devoted to memorable songs which gained high popularity in Vancouver but often not elsewhere.


Jingles, Airchecks, more Charts and more History -
This huge internet database is dedicated to the magic of the vinyl seven inch single.  Discuss, rate, review or simply admire some of the 1,222,279 records, or help add some more. - This comprehensive database allows you to explore one of Canada's largest collections of original vinyl LPs, Eps and 45 rpm singles from the first twenty or so years of the LP era: 1949-1970.  Includes high-quality scans of the original LP and EP covers, and listings for over 35,000 LPs, 3500 EP covers and 35,000 45 singles.

Bay Area Radio Museum - traces the history of radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes archival broadcasts, historical documents, photographs, music surveys and other features.

Billboard Magazine -  An extensive archive of the magazine extending from the 1890s to the present day can be found here at the World Radio History site.

Broadcasting and Its History - This page briefly summarizes the history of broadcasting from the early twentieth century to the present day of streaming services.

Cash Box Magazine - An extensive archive of this magazine from 1942 to 1996, including the charts can be found here at the World Radio History site. - a.k.a Steve's Radio and Railroads - Steven Geisler has put together an impressive site devoted to Miami's WQAM. Included are surveys in both text form and as scans. You'll also recognize many jingles from the PAMS "Sonosational" series which C-FUN used here.

Motor City Radio Flashbacks - A Detroit radio retrospective featuring collections of "Hits" lists, Bumper stickers, Jingles, DJs, Sports Moments, Radio Replays and more.

Oldiesloon - featuring hit parades charts and memorabilia from cities througout the USA, including Los Angeles, Chicago and the Twin Cities.

The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository - The authentic aircheck museum of classic Top 40 radio and the greatest radio of all time.

Rock Radio Scrapbook - Canada's Aircheck Archive - by Dale R. Patterson. A huge collection that includes airchecks, jingles, and articles from radio stations across Canada.

World Radio History - formerly American Radio History.  A vast archive of resources and links, that will keep you researching for several evenings, all charting the history of radio and television in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe.  Scans include complete issues of several vintage publications.

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