The following is a list of what I'm still looking for. I need only photocopies or readable jpeg's. So you won't need to part with the originals in your collection.

In all cases on this list I do not need the "newspaper" charts, only the store-distributed ones as they have more complete information. (I've already scoured nearly every newspaper in the Province and Sun archives.)


Still missing at least 3 surveys from 1958.  Probable dates are Aug. 18, Aug. 25 and Sept. 1 but dates may not be exact.

1975 - all surveys needed except Dec. 13.

1976 - all surveys needed.

1977 - all surveys needed.

1978 - Jan. 7.

1964 - Any after Sept. 25 and prior to Oct. 26.  Very rare if any exist at all.

1974 - Need the April 26 survey to complete the Album chart for that week.

1975 - Charts needed to complete Album survey:
Oct. 14, Oct. 21, Nov. 11, Nov. 18, Nov. 25,
Dec. 16, Dec. 23.

1976 - Charts needed to complete album survey - Jan. 6, Jan. 13, Mar. 2, Mar. 30, Apr. 13, May 11, May 18, May 25, June 15 (album survey discontinued after this date).

1993 - May 3, June 1, June 8, June 15. Any that might have been issued after June 21, if they exist at all.

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Since this site was launched we have been fortunate to have acquired a limited amount of audio from a few contributors who made recordings right off the radio using reel-to-reel tape recorders, back in the 50s and 60s. Some of this audio can now be heard while browsing the index pages on this site, and there is more to come.

How many more of you are out there who just may have a trunk in the attic full of old reel-to-reel tapes? Or do you know someone who does? If we could get word to some of these folks, would they (or you) be willing to share them with the rest of us? And if you're just too busy, you can, if you wish, turn the tapes over to us. We'll transpose the material and we assure you the safe return of your tapes.
We're concentrating on radio broadcasts from the 50s and 60s containing the following:
-Complete or partial broadcasts by the DJs of the time, from CKWX, C-FUN and early CKLG. Even short clips are welcome.
-Jingles and promos.
-Old local radio commercials.


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