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Listed chronologically from most recent.

Update #22 - March 31, 2009

The Vancouver Top Forty Radio website has been updated to include the following:

1) CKLG  1968:  All surveys for the year are now up on the site including the year-end Top 173.

2) CKLG   1968 Audio:  The index page for the year features eight audio montages of varying lengths recorded from that year.  They include Daryl 'B', Stevie (Grossman) Wonder, Terry David Mulligan, Dave Palmer, Bob Allen, and over 10 minutes of J.B. Shayne.  Thanks goes to Larry Morton who recorded this audio back in 1968 and has contributed much in the way of audio to the site. (Larry also helps proofread the charts after I type them, before they're opened to everyone else.)

3) CKWX  1959:  The long sought-after missing surveys have been found, thank to CISL's Jerry O'Day.  Thanks to Jerry for this contribution.   1959 is now complete!   Remaining to be found are what I believe to three early surveys from 1958.  Assuming these were published at all they would probably be dated Aug. 18/58, Aug. 25/58 and Sept. 1/58.  If you have any leads that will uncover these charts I'd love to hear from you.


- CKLG 1969 charts.

- The long-delayed CKWX 1957 section featuring the station's unpublished charts and Red Robinson's Teen Canteen charts (top tens only).

- More jingles.

I'm happy to say that my site in on the move again after a long hiatus since last summer.  While I do occasionally take breaks from work on the site, this one was extended unexpectedly when my wife became hospitalized, seriously ill back in December.  With her recovery at home extending through January, along with the trials and tribulations of raising a 16-year-old boy with Autism, I lost all my momentum.  Getting it back is always difficult, but now that I'm back on track, hopefully it will stay that way for a while.

Have a funtastic day!

Update #21 - July 31, 2008

Over a year ago I began working on a complete revamp of the CKWX section of my site.  There was much I wasn't happy with and I began the project by first reformatting  the 1961 and 62 surveys, now both complete for over a year.

Now, as well, the years 1958, 1959 and 1960 are completely redone.  In addition to the reformatted charts, new audio and memorabilia have been added, to be found on the Index page for each year as follows:


1.  Five more surveys added.  These are Top Twenty charts for July and August and were among the station's very earliest surveys, preceding the Sensational Sixty charts that followed soon after. The originals of these were typed out on CKWX stationery, mimeographed and were distributed to the public.  Thanks to Alex Galbraith for providing the photocopies of these and to Red Robinson for providing valuable information about them.
2.  One partial survey has been added for the week of Sept. 1.  This is a reconstruction using the Last Week column on the Sept. 8 survey, meaning that some chart information is missing.
3. New audio clips have also been added, among them one of Buddy Holly plugging Red's Teen Canteen.


1.  Two partial surveys added for the missing weeks of February 9 and March 2.  Both are reconstructions using the 'Last Week' columns on the following weeks' charts.
2.  One new jingle added, courtesy of the Jamie Anstey collection.  Long-time WX listeners may recognize this once-familiar "Top Personalities, Best In the West" jingle.
3.  Also not to be missed is another of Bruce Stewart's classic paintings, this one a fabulous Vancouver scene of Capilano Stadium from a 1959 Corvette parked on Little Mountain.  In my opinion this is one of Bruce's best.  Click on the picture for a larger image which will fill your screen, along with a description and explanation by me as to how the subject matter of this scene (baseball?) can possibly be connected with "Top Forty" radio.


1.  Remember Buddy Clyde?  Well the index page now contains a brief tribute to the popular DJ, who arrived in Vancouver in April of that year.  You'll also hear audio clips by three well-known artists plugging Buddy's program.  A link will take you to more Buddy Clyde memorabilia which includes a letter Buddy typed on WX stationery to his friend Jim Reeves, describing his stay at CKWX.
2.  Four jingles have been added to the 1960 index page, courtesy of the Radio West collection.
3.  An 8-minute audio piece containing what could best be called "generic" promos, all by a variety of different artists.   Courtesy of the Jamie Anstey collection.
4.  Also added to this page is Bruce Stewart's digital image of a 1960 Olds against a nighttime backdrop of the Vancouver Skyline.  This image was moved here from another part of my site.  Click on the image and you'll get a larger panoramic view.

If anyone out there has any information that could lead to the two missing surveys from 1959 along with the summer of 1958,  I'd love to hear from you.

Coming projects:

-I'm still not finished with CKWX.  Some of you may have noticed the dead link to 1957 that's been there on the Year Index page for some time.  I do have plans for this, a transitional year for the station.  It will include a number of unpublished, pre-Top 40 charts put out by the station, along with Red Robinson's Teen Canteen charts (or the portions that have survived.)

-And I haven't forgotten CKLG.  More of that to come too.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer.

Update #20 - July 15, 2008

July 15 is the anniversary date of the last Soundathon, which ran from the 15th to the 23rd during the "Summer of Love" 1967.

Unlike the summer Soundathons of past years which featured only past summer hits, Soundathon #14 was a full-fledged Top 300 like the year-end Soundathons.

1. To commemorate this event the Soundathon 14 chart is now posted on my site, which essentially completes the section of my site devoted to the Soundathons.

2. Below the chart you'll find what I hope you'll consider a big treat -- over 77 minutes of audio recorded from this event! This audio was recorded by Frank Carpenter, a longtime resident of the United Kingdom. During the mid-1960s, while in his early twenties, he lived in Vancouver's Kitsilano district. He attended BCIT with the hope of breaking into radio in our city, and while Frank says that didn't happen here, he did eventually get into radio in the UK, and even did broadcasting stints in Tehran, Iran and Vienna, Austria. He recorded this audio using a professional portable UHER 4000L mono reel-to-reel recorder. 

Frank sent me over 5 hours of this audio on 4 CDs, which I have edited down to 77 minutes by means of "scoping" the songs. (Scoping is essentially the removal of all but the beginning and end of each song, leaving just the DJs intros and jingles.) DJs heard include Peter Alpen, Terry David Mulligan, Neil Soper, Lee Gabori, John Tanner and (briefly) Red Robinson.

You'll also hear parts of local C-FUN newscasts describing the racial strife in Detroit and a major earthquake in Turkey. The audio is presented in four parts for easier loading into your mp3 player.  If anyone out there remembers Frank from his BCIT years, he would love to hear from you. You can contact him via my email.

Two months after the last Soundathon aired, on September 16, 1967, C-FUN exited the Top Forty format, ending a chapter in radio history.

Update #19 - April 24, 2008

It's been a while, in fact over six months since my last update.

New additions to the site include:

1. CKLG 1967 charts, complete, including the year-end Top 173 chart.

On the Index page for the year you'll find links to four audio montages of varying lengths featuring Boss Jocks "Don Richards" (2:08)), "John Tanner" (1:51), "Stevie (Grossman) Wonder" (9:48), and a short one with J.B. Shayne (0:23). Thanks to our friend Larry Morton for this audio.

Larry also sent some scans of the CKLG 1967 Yearbook which are also included on the index page.

And also included is a CKLG Christmas jingle, courtesy of

Cross-links between the CKLG and C-FUN charts for that year are now active.

 2. C-FUN Soundathon #13. This event began airing Jan. 13, 1967 and featured the all-time top 300 hits to that time.

The chart also includes yet another audio montage, albeit a short one (3:14), from the actual event of those many years ago. Four DJs can be heard but the one I can't identify starts at the 0:10 second mark and runs to 0:47. If anyone can help ID this guy I'd appreciate hearing from you. The other three are Tom Peacock (0:48 to 2:03), Don Richards (I believe) from 2:04 to 2:55, and Al Jordan (2:55 to 3:15.) Again, thanks to Larry Morton for this audio and for all the other montages he has previously provided.

 3. The "This Is Vancouver" jingle that plays when viewing my title page got corrupted a while back. It has now been repaired. But if you have never heard it playing while viewing the title page, then you need to have Quicktime installed on your system.

 4. Additional work is being done on the site to remove various glitches here and there, so that the charts will retain the same appearance in the many different browsers out there. This work is ongoing. For one, steps are being taken to eliminate unwanted "line wraps" which were occasionally occurring on some of the charts causing misalignments between the song title and artist.

Lots more still to come.

Have a Fun-tastic day.

Update #18 - October 15, 2007

Newly added to the site:

-C-FUN 1967 surveys, complete.

These were the final months of C-FUN as a Top 40 station in the sixties. The final survey was issued Sept. 16, 1967 and was a special commemorative "farewell" edition which featured a collage assembled by Red Robinson of all the radio personalities who worked at the station during that era. Thanks to Red for providing me with an original copy of the survey which allowed me to make a fairly decent scan which is posted on the Index page. Note that my typed edition of the final survey is a composite containing information from both the "commemorative" survey and the version printed in the Vancouver Province.

-You'll also find two pieces of audio on the index page. The first is a series sometimes referred to as the "low-budget" jingles, which were heard from mid-1966 through 1967. The second is a scoped aircheck of Red Robinson's A.M. drive show from January 25, 1967. You'll hear Red's hilarious conversation with a man in a phone booth at Georgia & Granville.

Note that the links at the bottom of each survey, which normally cross-link the C-FUN and CKLG surveys for quick week-to-week comparison, are not active at this time as I have not completed the CKLG surveys for that year.

Next to come:

CKLG 1967 surveys plus some audio bytes from that year.

In the meantime have a Fun-tastic day.

Update #17 - July 12, 2007

Summertime on radio through much of the sixties meant "Summer Soundathon"to C-FUN listeners. Unlike the year-end Soundathons which presented in ranking order the all-time 300 flashbacks compiled from listeners' votes, the Summer event devoted a few days each July to favorite hits from summers past. There were no song rankings and no votes were compiled. Soundathon #4 was the first of these in July 1962, followed in subsequent summers by numbers 6, 8, 10, with 12 being the last Summer Soundathon in 1966. The song listings for #4 and #6 were never published or distributed but last summer on this site, in absence of song listings, I devoted a one-page presentation to each of these which included scanned photos of Vancouver beach scenes , along with sound clips from the events recorded right off the radio those many years ago.

Summer Soundathons 8, 10 and 12 WERE published however, and the song listings from these are now up on my site. Songs are listed, as I said, not in any ranking order, but in groups by year and month for each July and August dating back to 1960. Feel free to browse the lists and recall your personal radio memories from those fabulous summers of the sixites.

As an added treat each each of these three Soundathons is presented against a backdrop of three paintings by Bruce Stewart (whose other works you'll find at various places on my site). Each painting has a summer-related theme. #8 features Bruce's rendition of the 1964 Grad dance at John Oliver High School. #10 features "Lazy Summer Night" with a dreamy 1965-view from Stanley Park looking toward Point Grey. #12 features Bruce's Mad Magazine-like scene of Kitsilano Beach and its swarm of sun-bathers. Each scene has a link at the bottom of each chart that will enlarge the paintings to their full splendor on your screen.

And feel free to revisit the pages devoted to the earlier Summer Soundathons 4 and 6 which I put up on the site last summer. The Soundathon #6 page has one NEW AUDIO MONTAGE added featuring Red Robinson.

Next update: I'll be doing some tweaking on the site over the remainder of the summer to correct glitches from some of my early efforts. Other than that my next update will probably be in September.

Enjoy the summer.

Update #16 - June 29. 2007

1. C-FUN 1966 - all surveys for this year have been retyped and are now up. The 33 surveys previously done by Gary Pfeifer have been replaced by my own. My thanks to Gary for having let me use his work up to this time which helped to boost my site's meager content in its early days of development. Gary is a regular contributer to the "Airheads Radio Survey Archive" website which contains many surveys from radio stations around North America. You can visit the site at

In addition to the new surveys the C-FUN 1966 Index Page contains another incredible painting by Bruce Stewart. How many of you remember Peter's Ice Cream, located at West Broadway and Blenheim? Click on the picture to open a much larger hi-rez image and read the story behind this masterpiece by Bruce.

 2. CKLG 1966 - All surveys are now up. The index page contains pictures of many of the Top Cats, who later become Boss Jocks. Also find images of six CKLG Bumper stickers of which the station issued many during that summer. If anyone has any more of these and would like to send scans to me for inclusion on this page that would be appreciated.

As always the C-FUN and CKLG surveys are cross-linked to each other for easy comparison between the two stations.

-The CFUN 1966 Index page contains a large gallery of audio clips. This includes nine more jingles from the "a-go-go" era which continued through much of that year. There are several more clips including three short audio montages featuring:

1) John Tanner
2) Tom Peacock
3) Red Robinson

All audio for this page came to me from Larry Morton and by Owen Coppin. Thanks to both.

-Some new and interesting sites have been added to my links page:

Old - This incredible site contains several short Flash movies that you can click on to take a nostalgic journey through the Rock 'n Roll past of the Fifties and Sixties. NOT TO BE MISSED! Make sure your sound is turned on. Thanks to my sister Barbara for sending me this link.

Oldies Music - by Ron Smith. This site contains history, trivia and charts pertaining to the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. This includes a huge archive of links that will lead you to the web site of nearly every oldies artist that ever lived.

Lyrics World - This site contains an ever-expanding collection of lyrics for rock and pop songs that charted in the Top 40 from 1930 to 1999. You'll find the titles of over 11,000 songs, each listed under the year in which it charted along with the peak chart position (Billboard, USA) and the artist who recorded it. - Tired of the "same old" oldies? On this site you can listen to over 12,900 tracks from 4000 artists that aired between Jan. 1955 & Dec. 1969. Includes regional hits and rare hits from the U.S., Canada and the UK. Site owner Shawn Nagy says you can listen for 24 hours straight, 7 days a week, and not hear the same song again.

Next to come:

-Someone asked, "Where are the even-numbered Soundathons?" That question will be answered in a few short weeks.

Hope everyone is enjoying Summer! Have a great day!

Update #15 - June 8, 2007

Back in the late summer/early fall of 1959 a young DJ named Dave McCormick began hosting an afternoon program on C-FUN called the "House Of Hits" which featured the top Rock 'n' Roll and Pop tunes of the day. Dave also hosted, for a half-hour each evening, the Vancouver chapter of the "Hi-Fi Club", a dance club organization for teens featuring contests and prizes, sponsored by Coca-Cola, and which included member stations from all over North America. Dave's "House of Hits" and "Hi-Fi Club" drew consistently high ratings for C-FUN.

Dave also began compiling, from the favorites of his listeners, his own hit parade chart. The first edition, pencil-dated September 21, 1959 had no name. The next edition dated Oct 2 carried the name "Hi-Fi Club Top 40". On subsequent charts the name was shortened to "Hi-Fi Forty". Dave spent countless hours tallying the votes and requests, typing out a new "Hi-Fi Forty" chart each week on his home typewriter. The first 5 or 6 charts were never printed for distribution. Only a typed original and a carbon copy were made, one of which would be taped to the studio window for Dave's on-air reference. By November he began typing the charts on a stencil, while hand-drawing the C-FUN logo at the top. From this a limited run was printed on an old Gestetner mimeograph with the resulting copies appearing in LIGHT PURPLE INK! These received limited distribution to music outlets in the city, and today, as collectibles, are extremely rare.

The last of these "unofficial" homemade charts was dated March 5th, 1960. Two weeks later on March 19, the "official" more professional-looking charts debuted, and these received much wider distribution to record stores through our region. By the summer of 1960, with Dave's programs continuing to score consistenty high ratings, station management finally took the historical step and turned C-FUN to a 24-hour pop/rock format. The "Hi-Fi Forty" eventually became the more fondly remembered "C-FUN-Tastic Fifty".

Getting back to the "homemade" surveys, for over a year now seven of these rare charts have been, in retyped form, posted on my site. Due to their scarcity it seemed somewhat doubtful that any more would surface. But I'm happy to say that, in what has been described as the greatest survey discovery in the last 46 years, that 15 more of these charts HAVE been found and are now included on the site! And yes, this includes Dave's VERY FIRST CHART and other early ones that never saw publication. Furthermore, you'll find, from Feb. 1960, Dave's special all-time Elvis chart featuring the top 90 Elvis hits up to that time.

While my retyped versions do not appear as exact duplicates of the originals, I have typed them out in a somewhat "homey" style, much in the spirit of Dave's originals, using an ordinary typewriter font, and they appear in either deep carbon blue or Gestetner purple! All typos and other anomolies are included. And you'll notice that the format of the surveys changes from week to week just as Dave's did. The wallpaper backgrounds are my own addition.

And just who, you ask, was the mystery benefactor who provided us with these rare charts? Why, it was none other than "Big Daddy" Dave himself, who freely gave his time, first, to give me a tour of the 600AM studios, and then to photocopy the needed surveys from his own collection. Many thanks to Dave for helping to fill in these gaps in our "Top Forty" radio history. I also learned from Dave a few other small secrets, such as the fact that he and the other "Swinging Men at 1410", as they were called by mid-1960, had an absolute ball as they transformed C-FUN, and created an entirely new radio culture in Vancouver. In Dave's own words, "We should have been paying them to work there, not them paying us." (Tsk! Tsk!)

Note that the survey for Oct. 23/59 is a partial survey reconstructed from the Last Week column on the Oct. 31 survey.

You may notice other missing dates on the index page. First, it may never be known for certain whether a survey was issued between the ones dated Sept. 21 and Oct. 2. The gap between the dates is only 11 days, rather than a full two weeks as one would expect. Likewise, there is a gap with no survey for Nov. 21. But the absence of a "Last Week" column on the Nov. 28 chart suggests the possiblity that no chart was made for the 21st. Again, we may never know. We do know for certain, however, that no survey was issued for Dec. 18 as Dave confirmed that he was vacationing in Hawaii that week. As for the first two gaps mentioned above, I'm inclined to believe there likely were no surveys compiled for those weeks. All in all I believe the C-FUN collection is as complete as it's going to get.

Finally, for anyone interested in knowing more about the Hi-Fi Club, there's a link on my site--it's been there for quite some time actually--that will take you to a brief history of the organization. It is written by Bill Combs, former president of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. You can link to it by clicking on the bright red Hi-Fi Club logos located on both the C-FUN index pages for 1959 and 1960. The Hi-Fi club, incidently, ceased operation on Dec. 31, 1961.

Coming next:

The C-FUN and CKLG surveys for 1966 are in the works and are coming next.

Have a C-FUN-tastic day!

Update #14 - May 12, 2007

CKLG audio.

10 jingles have been added to the CKLG 1965 Index page. These are from the mid-sixties when LG was affectionately known as "The Station with the Happy Difference."

These jingles came to me from clear across the continent--Florida no less--and thanks goes to Steve Geisler for sending these. Steve's website is a tribute to station WQAM in Miami, to which Steve devotes his efforts with the same passion that we do with our stations here. The site also features a large collection of PAMS jingles from stations all over North America and Steve also sent me some additional C-FUN PAMS jingles which I'll be including on the site at a later date.


-One individual has described it as the most important discovery of surveys in 47 years! 15 more of the so-called "Unofficial" C-FUN surveys from late 1959 and early 1960 (there are presently 7 on my site) have been discovered. These are sometimes affectionately known as the "Dave McCormick" surveys because they were hand-typed by Dave himself and now are extremely rare to almost non-existent due to their limited distribution. And how you ask were these surveys uncovered? Well, (heh-heh) the identify of our mystery benefactor will remain a secret until next time.

-And yes, work is also underway on the promised C-FUN and CKLG surveys for 1966.

See you soon!

Have a Fun-Tastic day!

Update #13

In case you missed the previous announcement the site has moved to its own domain. The new address is:

Please update your bookmarks, and if you have a link from your website to mine please update it as well.

New on the site is a huge collection of audio which has been added to the CKWX section as follows:

-CKWX 1961 Index Page - A total of 54 pieces of audio have been added. Of these 21 are jingles, and each vocal jingle has an instrumental-only counterpart. Whether these insrumental versions were used on air is unknown, but they're there for your enjoyment.

Additionally there are eight promos done for CKWX by some of the pop stars of the day, each promoting CKWX and its DJs. Outtakes included. The stars include, Bob Luman, Myron Lee, Jimmie Rodgers, Pat Boone, Eddie Hodges, Buddy Knox, Johnny Burnette, and the hilarious Rolf Harris.

The above audio is from the collection of Jamie Anstey, and a special thanks to Jamie for sharing the collection. Further thanks also goes to Larry Hennessey (of Larry and Willy fame) who, at Jamie's request, burned a copy of Jamie's CD and mailed it to me. This all happened late last Fall and I been working at it every since to get it up there.

I have been working on a complete revamp of the CKWX section. The surveys in this section are being reformatted to eliminate viewing problems in some browsers.

The 1961 page also includes four additional audio clips:

1. Red Robinson introducing the Fabulous Forty Show.
2. A better quality track of a previous one with Red plugging his Platter Party show.
3. Another promos by Red "First and Getting Firster."
4. A 5-minute clip of Red Robinson in his car driving to work at the CKWX studios.

But there is more:

-CKWX 1962 Index Page - the waning days of CKWX as a Top Forty station, this page now contains the following audio.

1. A 19 minute aircheck with Red Robinson in early March 1962, not long before Red left the station for CFUN. Red interviews Gene McDaniels who was performing in Vancouver at the time at Isey's Supper Club.

The songs in this aircheck are scoped, and yes, I am the culprit who did this, reluctantly I might add. As much as I hate doing this sort of thing as I believe scoping undermines the integrity of the original broadcast, I believed it was necessary at this time until I gain a better understanding of the legal implications of including "unscoped" material.

2. This page also includes two short jingles from 1962.

-The surveys for the two years mentioned above have been reformatted and down-sized slightly. This was necessary due to fact the previous charts were presenting viewing problems, mostly mis-aligned column, in some web browsers, namely the increasingly popular Firefox browser.

Upcoming Projects include:

-CFUN and CKLG charts for 1966.
-Summer Soundathon charts 6, 8 and 10.
-A continuation of the revamping and reformatting of CKWX years 1958, 59 and 60.

In the meantime have a Funtastic day.  

Update #12 - March 27, 2007

The Vancouver Top Forty Radio website has moved to its own domain! The new address is:

Please update your browser's Bookmarks or Favourites.

You can still access the site from the old address, which will remain active for a while yet, but all links on the title page will route you to the new server.

The acquisition of additional web space allows me considerably more latitude in adding new material to the site, especially audio, and this was a necessary step prior to putting up the extensive collection of CKWX audio, which I have been promising for the last few months. I'm happy to say that this project is very much in progress and the first part of it, which includes a huge collection of CKWX jingles and promos, should be coming your way in a couple of weeks.

Also coming your way in the months to come:

C-FUN 1966 - the remaining surveys.

CKLG 1966

C-FUN & CKLG 1967

More Soundathon

More Audio from CKWX, C-FUN and CKLG.

More images by Bruce Stewart.

Update #11 - Febraury 17, 2007

New additions include to the site include:

-CKLG 1965 - all surveys for that year are now complete and posted.

-C-FUN a'go-go 1965. All surveys for that year are now posted. The Index page has been newly designed. The a'go-go era jingles are still there plus more.

-Mad Mel Audio - the C-FUN 1965 Index page also includes a few brief and very rare audio clips from the Mad Mel program. Mel joined C-FUN during the Spring of 1965 and was with the station for a short, but memorable stay of about six months. Unlike the station's other DJs who were commonly known as "The Good Guys", Mel earned a spot as C-FUN's "Bad Guy." Few pictures of Mel have surfaced and when they do his features are hidden by huge glasses, or a long black false beard, sometimes both.

There are three audio clips. The first two are intros, one of them the famous "OK Mel, you can come out of your cage now. It's time to start the show." Thanks to Larry Morton for these.

The third clip is an all-too-brief piece provided by Alex Galbraith and edited together by Larry Morton from a number of shorter bits. In it Mel is broadcasting from the C-FUN studio, attempting to play his recent interview with Paul McCartney. But Mel is having problems queuing the interview and so calls upon his alter-ego "Granny Scoopshovel" to "get the machines" working. We hear a brief C-FUN jingle after which Granny, having solved the problem, begins playing the taped interview. We cut to a part of the interview, which takes place at an airport. As it turns out, Paul McCartney is actually interviewing Mad Mel! We also learn that it's Mel's birthday and he's just turned 19. Not much else is known of the circumstances surrounding this ocassion. As I said, the clip is brief and at present, is the only audio of Mad Mel in our possession. Hopefully, more will turn up.


Next in line is a project I've been looking forward to for several months. Recently I acquired a huge collection of CKWX audio from collector Jamie Anstey. Included are many jingles from the early sixties, along with promos for the station by stars as Bob Luman, Jimmie Rodgers, Buddy Knox, Johnny Burnette and more, along with additonal audio from other sources. All this plus a remake of the entire CKWX section. This is a big project and I can't say at this time whether I'll redo the whole CKWX section all at once or a bit of time. But hopefully I'll have something up on the site by this spring.

Other upcoming projects include:

-CKLG 1966

-CFUN 1966

-More Soundathon charts

-More Vancouver paintings by Bruce Stewart.

Incidently, some of you may have noticed that in my more recent efforts I've been attempting to make my retyped surveys bear more of a resemblance to the original distributed surveys, slight though that resemblance may be at times.

In the meantime, enjoy.

Update #10 - December 29, 2006

Back in the bygone era of the sixties, Vancouver's 'Top Forty' radio giant C-FUN presented its year-end Soundathon featuring the top 300 all-time favorites. These charts were compiled from as many as 225,000 mailed-in votes from listeners. The event usually began December 29 with the songs being played in descending order starting with #300 until, some 16 hours later, and with great fanfare, the #1 song would be reached. Then songs would continue to be played in random chart order, usually as per listeners' requests, until midnight on New Years Eve when Soundathon ended with a re-playing of the #1 song.

Soundathons 1, 3, 5 and 7 were all year-end Soundathons and the chart listings for each of these has previously been included on this site.

Today is December 29 and, to commemorate the Soundathon era, I have added the following charts and audio montages:

1. Soundathon #9 - featuring the Top 300 songs from year-end 1964. Included is a short 3 min. 58 sec. audio montage featuring highlights of the event. Heard in the montage are the voices of Fred Latremouille, Ed Karl (aka Kargl), and John Tanner. And you'll even hear short bits with Christopher Columbus and Cleopatra! (Yep! We have it all here!)

2. Soundathon #11 - This Top 300 was heard in November 1965. It was moved to the late Fall to make way for a new year-end event "Calendar Countdown" which featured the greatest hits from the past year. Soundathon 11 includes a short audio montage, 3 min and 27 sec. Voices include that of Red Robinson, along with a very short snippet at the end which I believe to be that of Daryl 'B'.

As before, these audio montages have been compiled by our friend Larry Morton, who recorded the audio on reel-to-reel directly from the radio during the actual events those many years ago.

3. While on the subject of these audio montages you may wish to revisit the montages for Soundathons #5 (1962) and #7 (1963). Larry managed to uncover another reel and was able to expand these two montages. Soundathon #5 montage has an additional 3 1/2 minutes of audio bringing it to over 12 minutes in length. The Soundathon #7 montage has been doubled in length bringing it up to a whopping 16 minutes.

I have also attempted to identify the DJs heard in each. A question mark after the name of a DJs indicates a best guess on my part. If you disagree with any of my guesses please let me know.


1. The completion of the CKLG 1965 surveys and the addition of all C-FUN surveys for 1965, both slated for completion some time in January. Also to be included are some very brief audio clips from the Mad Mel show.

2. A complete revamp of the CKWX section which will include a huge collection of jingles, promotionals and other CKWX audio from the collection of Jamie Anstey, along with some additional audio. This is a big project, and some of it is already being worked on. I hope to have it completed and on the site some time in February.

In the meantime I again wish you all a Happy New Year!


Update #9 - November 27, 2006

The Vancouver "Top Forty" Radio web site was officially launched one year ago today. This is the ninth update since that time. There are now 507 retyped surveys on the site.

Newly added are the following:

-C-FUN 1964 complete. I opened the index page for 1964 some months ago to allow everyone to enjoy the Bruce Stewart painting along with several jingles from that era. You can enjoy them again along with all the newly added surveys for that year. It was during this year that the Beatles era was in full swing.

-CKLG 1964 - At long last the CKLG page is open. CKLG entered the "Top Forty" format in August of 1964. Included here are 11 surveys from the latter part of the year, including one very rare find from September 25. Thanks to Roy Kendall for this acquisition.

-CKLG 1965 - The first three months. I normally don't like to include just part of a year, however these were done to add just a little more than my meager offering for 1964. The remaining LG surveys for 1965 will follow at a future date, probably early January. There is also one jingle on the index page, courtesy of, and this, at present, is my sole acquisition of CKLG audio for the sixties.

-In addition Soundathons 3 and 5, which were added to the site earlier this year, have each been re-formatted for easier reading. This was done primarily due to alignment problems (song titles not matching line for line with artist names) in some browsers.


Going back one year, it was shortly after the official launch of this site that Red Robinson kindly made mention of it both to his listeners on his Sunday CISL radio show, and on his web site. Red's plug resulted in me making contact with a small handful of collectors and radio afficiandos who helped provide more needed surveys, and also a great deal of audio that some of them had recorded off the radio on reel-to-reel tapes those many years ago. You've already heard some of it here, including many jingles, and those Soundathon montages. There is much more to come. More jingles, more montages, and just maybe even a short piece with Mad Mel from 1965.

But this has me wondering. How many more people are there out there who, either are no longer listening to the radio, or know nothing about this site, or have simply moved on to other interests, but just may have a trunk in the attic full of old reel-to-reel tapes, and if we could get word to some of these folks, would they be willing to share them with the rest of us? It's just a thought, and if any of you know anyone who fits this description, well, I know it's a long shot, but one perhaps worth pursuing. Who knows what may be uncovered?

So thank you Red for that plug. Perhaps more than you may have realized, it opened many doors.

Next update planned for just before the New Year.

At this time I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Update #8 -October 7, 2006.

The site has been updated to include the following:

C-FUN - 1963 surveys complete.

C-FUN S O U N D A T H O N #7 - The top 300 all-time hits as presented in late December 1963.

PLUS: Two audio montages compiled from numerous clips, by our good friend Larry Morton of North Delta, which he recorded on reel-to-reel in that bygone era of the early sixties. Larry explains that in those days he was trying to record the songs. The DJs voices over the songs were then considered a nuisance. If only we knew! Now, of course, we all know it's the sounds of the DJs that are the real treasure! Larry was able to compile these terrific montages, truncating the songs, leaving mostly the DJ intros. Many thanks to Larry for these. The montages include:

Soundathon #7 Audio Montage. Over 9 minutes. You'll find the link to the montage on the page of the newly added survey.

Soundathon #5 Audio Montage. Over 8 minutes. You'll find the link on the page of the survey which was previously added to the site a few months back.

Hear the DJs of yesteryear introduce the songs. The ones we've identified are listed. CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE ONES WE HAVEN'T?

More of Larry's audio to come in the future.

In the meantime, have a Fun-tastic day.

Update #7 - July 9, 2006

Recently added to the site:

CKWX - 1962 surveys. The final months of CKWX as a "Top Forty" station, with the last survey dated for the week of March 3 -10, 1962. On the 1962 index page is a brief retrospective, written by yours truly, based on my own impressions as a thirteen-year-old listener at that time.

C-FUN Soundathon #5 - Top 300 for the year ending 1962.

C-FUN Soundathons #4 and #6. Never printed, these were the 'summer' Soundathons for 1962 and 1963. The were no song rankings. Featured were the best songs from each July and August dating back to 1960. Since no charts for these two events were issued, and rather than present two permanently dead links on the index page, it is hoped you will enjoy the presentations featured on the site paying tribute to each of these Soundathons. The Sounathon #6 page features four audio clips recorded right from the radio back in the summer of 1963. Thanks to Larry Morton for these clips, and for also providing a partial list of some of the songs played during the event. (And if anyone can positively identify the voice in Clip #1 please let me know.) You can access the Soundathon index page by going through the C-FUN Year Index page.

Jingles! Jingles! Jingles!

C-FUN 1963, 1964 and 1965. I have opened the index pages for these three years although there are no surveys to view at present. Each page is chock full of jingles for your listening pleasure. I have tried to match these jingles as closely to the correct timeline as best as my memory serves me. If anyone feels I've erred in my placement let me know. The 1965 index features more jingles from the a-Go-Go era.

But there is more! Ted Wendland recently posted on the Radiowest site (formerly Puget Sound Radio) four C-FUN jingle montages from the early 1960s. These montages contain some of the very earliest C-FUN jingles and are classic! You can hear these by going directly to the Radiowest site. where you might also wish to browse or partake in the various discussion forums to be found under different categories, or you can link to the montages from my site. Montage #1 can be linked to from the C-FUN 1960 index page, Montage #2 from the 1961 index page, and Montage #3 has been linked to from the 1962 index page. (I haven't linked to #4 as these jingles are already on the 1963 & 64 index pages as individual clips.) If you were a C-FUN listener from that time period, don't miss these! Great work Ted!

One final treat. On the C-FUN 1964 index page you'll see another fabulous painting by Bruce Stewart, this one portraying Red Robinson and the C-FUN Good Guys at the White Spot Restaurant at 70th and Granville. This painting was done over 20 years ago, and was also used in the book "Triple O", published a few years ago, which outlined in pictures the 65-year history of the White Spot chain. My thanks to both Bruce Stewart and Red Robinson for giving me the OK to use this. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO OPEN AN EVEN LARGER IMAGE!

Will be doing some tweaking on the site and some R & D for the next while. Next update probably late summer.

Next on the list:

-C-FUN 1963 surveys

-C-FUN 1964 surveys

-C-FUN  S O U N D A T H O N    # 7

-And on the horizon. . . CKLG.

Have a Fun-tastic day!

Update # 6 - June 7, 2006

Now added to the site:

-C-FUN - 1961 surveys, complete.

-CKWX - 1961 surveys, complete.

-CKWX - 1959. One additional survey for Apr. 27/59 just located, now up, leaving only two missing surveys for that year. (Feb. 9 & Mar. 2)

-On the C-FUN 1961 Index page are two new audio clips, including another early 60s jingle.


Next to come:

-CKWX 1962 - the final months. I had hoped to include these with the batch just added, but they'll come soon.

-C-FUN S O U N D A T H O N # 5

-Hopefully, more jingles.


Some of you who have browsed these surveys in detail have noticed that I often include comments at the bottom of some surveys, usually some tidbit of information concerning a specific song. Comments are usually put in when at the point when the song first enters the survey, or when the song reaches its peak position, or sometimes both. If any of you have any knowledge about a particular song that you think might be of interest, then feel free to pass them on to me. Preferably, comments should be brief and kept to a single sentence, with occasional exceptions.

And finally, due to my increasing appetite for audio (namely jingles) and other graphics, I am running out of space on my site, having approached my upper limit. I am considering acquiring my own domain and have researched a few possiblities, but if any of you have any recommendations please pass them on to me.

In the meantime, enjoy and have a FUN-tastic day!

Update #5 - May 28, 2006

After a three-month hiatus, due to personal issues, work on my site resumed in early May and I have been feverishly typing surveys throughout the month. In the meantime I would like to call your attention to the following:

-A complete version of one of the very earliest C-FUN jingles from circa 1960 has just been added to the C-FUN 1960 Index page. Those of you who listened back in those days should remember this classic jingle. Thanks to Owen Coppin for sending me this. Looking for more jingles from this early era.

In addition, the follow additions were made to the site prior to the 3-month hiatus, but never reported:

1. CKWX 1958 - Several more surveys were uploaded giving us a complete run from Sept. 8 to the year end. It is now believed that the first printed and distributed "Sensational Sixty" was issued some time within a month prior to the Sept. 8 survey we have.

2. CKWX 1959 - 18 more surveys were added. We now have all but three for the year.

3. C-FUN  S O U N D A T H O N  number 3 was added. This was the first featuring a total of 300 songs, and included listeners' all-time favorites up to the end of 1961, and the first Soundathon tabulated directly from mailed-in listeners' votes, over 101,000 votes in all.

4. Title page: The big photo of Vancouver's skyline has been upsized to fit a 1024 x 768 monitor screen. The text on the page is centered so that it is still readable on an 800 x 600 screen without needing to scroll sideways.

Anyone preferring the old page can still access at at
and anyone with a slower modem can access the site without the audio at

In the works are the following:

C-FUN 1961 surveys.

CKWX 1961 surveys.

CKWX 1962, the final months.

This will be a huge block of surveys and all should go up sometime in early June.

Update #4 - February 8, 2006

The site has been updated as follows:

1. The remaining C-FUN and CKWX surveys for 1960 are now up, completing the year for both stations. The "Hi-Fi Forty" becomes the "Funtastic Fifty", and the "Sensational Sixty" becomes the "Fabulous Forty". (Don't we all wish we could be 'forty' again?)

2. The Soundathon page is now open, accessible from the C-FUN 'Year Index' page. The two Soundathons posted so far are:

-Soundathon #1 from December 1960 featuring the Top 60 tunes from that year.

-Soundathon #2 from July 1961 featuring the Top 100 tunes from July 1960 to July 1961. Soundathon #2 was never printed in its entirety nor distributed to the public (except for the Top 10 which was printed in a small corner on one of the Funtastic 50 surveys.) Therefore, we are lucky to have the entire 100 thanks to Brian Tarling of Burnaby who tabulated the entire list of songs as they were played on the radio back in the summer of 1961.

3. On the Soundathon "Index" page you will see the first of two contributions sent to me by Bruce Stewart of Victoria. Bruce sent an image of his "Summer Soundathon" painting which appears on our site for the first time anywhere. Bruce did this as a "fun piece" over twenty years ago and if you click on the picture you'll see an even larger rendition and a description in Bruce's own words.

4. The "Select a Radio Station" page (aka Page 2) has been re-vamped. The new featured image is Bruce Stewart's second contribution, a digitally reconstructed image of the Vancouver night skyline viewed from the inside of a 1960 Oldsmobile Super 88. (The vintage photos of Vancouver have been removed and will be used elsewhere.)

5. Adjustments have been made to all previously posted surveys so that each survey should now appear "centered" in your browser window regardless of what size you adjust the window to--something I should have done from the beginning.


Coming Next:

-More CKWX surveys from 1958 and 1959.

-C-FUN and CKWX 1961 surveys.

-S O U N D A T H O N #3, showing the top 300 favorites spanning 1955-1961.



1. 1959/1960 C-FUN: The Dave McCormick Surveys. Sometime back in 1959 a young DJ named Dave McCormick was hosting an afternoon radio program on CFUN called the "House Of Hits" featuring the top Rock 'n' Roll and Pop tunes of the day. And for a half-hour in the evening, Dave also hosted the Vancouver chapter of the "Hi-Fi Club". This organization, which was primarily a dance club with contests and prizes, was sponsored by Coca-Cola, and there were member stations all over North America. Dave also started compiling, from the favorites of his listeners, his own hit-parade chart called the "Hi-Fi Forty". Dave tallied all the votes and requests every week then typed out the surveys on a stencil after which a small run of surveys was printed on an old Gestetner mimeograph machine in LIGHT PURPLE INK! -- TYPOS and all! The surveys received limited distribution to music outlets in the city, and today are quite rare. The date of the very first survey, from some time in 1959, is as yet unknown. The last of these homemade surveys was dated March 5th, 1960. Two weeks later, on March 19, the official, more professional-looking C-FUN surveys appeared, but more on that below. Dave's early efforts eventually led to C-FUN becoming Vancouver's leading Top Forty radio station.

-Now on the site are 7 of these unofficial surveys, retyped of course, and complete.

-There are also 3 additional reconstructed surveys, with only limited information missing.

-Additionally there are several partial surveys featuring only the top ten songs between January and March of 1960. These are available to us thanks to Brian Tarling of Burnaby who copied them down every week right off the radio way back in 1960.

In the spirit of the these original surveys the retyped versions have been done in LIGHT PURPLE, what else? Even some of the original typos are included.

-The Index page also contains a link to the history of the Hi-Fi Club from the Coca-Cola website. This link can also be found on the 1960 C-FUN index page.



2. C-FUN 1960: The official surveys begin, starting March 19, 1960. This page presently takes you from the first survey to early August. Included are those funny little rhymes that identified each survey number. The remaining surveys for the year will be completed in the near future.


3. CKWX 1960. All 1960 surveys from the beginning of the year to early August, with the remaining surveys for the year to be completed in the near future.

**NOTE that where applicable, there is a link at the bottom of each CKWX and C-FUN survey allowing you to link to the survey of the other station, for comparison, for that same week.**

4. JINGLES!! Two short jingles have been added, one to the CKWX 1960 index page, and one to the C-FUN 1960 index page. The C-FUN jingle is a brief clip of a longer jingle which is one of the originals heard on C-FUN in 1960 and 1961. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO FIND A FULL-LENGTH VERSION OF THIS AND OTHER EARLY C-FUN JINGLES! (The ones BEFORE they started calling themselves "Channel 14", just "C-FUN FOURTEEN TEN.")



-The remaining CKWX and C-FUN surveys for 1960.

-More CKWX surveys from 1958 and 1959. As a matter of fact you'll find one additional survey on the 1958 page already.

-S O U N D A T H O N !


1. C-FUN 1966. This link is now open. 33 surveys for this year have been uploaded. These surveys were previously typed by Gary Pfeifer of Scottsdale, Arizona, who originally contributed them to the Airheads Radio Survey Archive website, a US site that contains a vast assortment of surveys from stations around North America. Thanks to Gary for giving me the OK to use his typing efforts. This allowed me to quickly complete and upload these surveys with some slight reformatting to match them to other surveys on my site. The remaining surveys for 1966 will be typed and uploaded at a later date.

2. On the C-FUN 1966 Index page are six new jingles from C-FUNs's "a-Go-Go" era. Thanks to Larry Morton of North Delta for providing these. More of them to come.

3. CKWX 1959. All available surveys are now up. NOTE that one additional survey has been found from January 12/59. Thanks again to Larry Morton.

There are still 15 surveys missing from this year, all between Jan. and May. However I have a lead that may bring in more of these.


I promised this last time but here we go again:

-The "Dave McCormick surveys" from late 1959 1960. These were Dave's home-typed surveys that came out prior to C-FUN's full launch as a 24-hour "Top Forty" station. We have seven of these plus some partially reconstructed surveys.

-CKWX 1960, complete.

-CFUN 1960, complete.

Stay tuned for more.

At this time I would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

UPDATE # 1 - NOVEMBER 27, 2005 - This site is officially launched. This is a work in progress. The site is still being tweaked and improved, and there are many inactive links. Currently up:

CKWX - 1958 - 4 surveys.  MANY MORE NEEDED from this year, about 5 months worth.

CKWX - 1959 - 36 surveys in the process of being uploaded. Any inactive links should be active in about a week. STILL NEED surveys from first 5 months of this year.

C-FUN - 1962 - all surveys for this year now up, plus 2 jingles from the era. Also includes a link to Dave McCormick's last CFUN broadcast, with Red Robinson sitting in.

Coming next:
The Dave McCormick surveys. Approximately 8 surveys typed out by Dave himself late in 1959 and early 1960, in the days prior to CFUN's official launch as a Top Forty station.
CKWX 1960. Complete. The Sensational Sixty becomes the Fabulous Forty late that year.
C-FUN 1960. Starting from the first official survey.

The idea for this site began back in the Spring of this year, after browsing the Internet looking for anyone who might have posted Vancouver's surveys, and finding few. Numerous other sites were posting retyped surveys from stations around the USA, and CHUM in Toronto had the good sense to keep their surveys archived and have them posted to the web. But few Vancouver surveys were to be found. Having kicked myself many times for discarding my old surveys years ago, I called the Vancouver library. They had none but they called the radio stations in question who also had none. It was beginning to appear that Vancouver's surveys were all but lost. I called Neptoon Records. The fellow there [Jamie Anstey] put me in touch with Al Rose, a well-know collector. Al graciously took the time to photocopy his collection of surveys, not knowing who I was or whether I would follow through with my plans. He has since become a valued friend, and has offered much input as I've moved through the phases of site construction. But there were still many gaps to fill in the survey collection. I spent a number of days over various periods of time at the Vancouver library browsing the microfilm archives of the Vancouver Province which printed all the C-FUN surveys from 1962 to 1967, (and I'll be returning someday to get the CKLG surveys printed from 1967 on.)

Work on the site began in August. I decided that I could not justify the expense for a professional web designer. So using an old edition of Claris Home Page and two Macintoshes, I learned to build the site from scratch. After months of fussing, tweaking, experimenting, changing things around, changing them again, I reached the point that I'm at now. The site is now there for all to see, but many changes will likely be made in the months to come. Many thanks also to Jack Bennest, Gord Lansdell, Brian Walks, Red Robinson, Ted Wendland, Dale Patterson, Gary Pfeifer, and others, for their support. Stay tuned.